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Uwe Siebert, MD, MPH, MSc, ScD

Chair of the Department of Public Health and Health Technology Assessment at UMIT, Austria

Prof. Uwe Siebert, MD, MPH, MSc, ScD, Professor of Public Health, Medical Decision Making and Health Technology Assessment (HTA), is the Chair of the Department of Public Health, Health Services Research and HTA at UMIT – University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology in Austria and the Director of the Division for HTA in the ONCOTYROL – Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine in Austria. He is also Adjunct Professor of Health Policy and Management, and Epidemiology, at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Affiliated Researcher of the Program on Cardiovascular Research at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Department of Radiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston. He is the course director of the Harvard summer course on ‘Decision Analysis in Clinical Research’ and he has an adjunct teaching appointment at the School of Public Health and Epidemiology at the University of Munich.

After medical school, he worked for several years as a physician in international public health projects in West-Africa, Brazil, and Germany. He then earned an MPH at the Munich School of Public Health, and completed an MSc in Epidemiology and a ScD in Health Policy and Management with a concentration in decision sciences at the Harvard School of Public Health. Before he started his faculty position at Harvard Medical School, he was the Director of the Bavarian Public Health Research and Coordinating Center at the University of Munich, Germany, and completed Visiting Scholarship at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis.

Prof. Siebert is Past-President of the Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM), a member of the Latin America Consortium Advisory Committee of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), member of the Oncology Advisory Council of the Federal Ministry of Health in Austria, member of the Advisory Board of the GÖG – National Austrian Public Health Institute, member of the Austrian Cochrane Collaboration Branch, and a member of several national and international Directors Boards (Austrian Society of Epidemiology, German Network of EbM; German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology). He has served as Vice President of SMDM, and member of the ISPOR Board of Directors, the Society for Medical Decision Making Board of Trustees; the Harvard Flagship Initiative in Comparative Effectiveness Research, the ‘National HTA Strategy’ Expert Group of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, the Advisory Board of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for HTA in Austria, the International Expert Committee Advising the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) on the Methods for Economic Evaluations of Health Care Interventions, the Directors Board of the German Competence Network Heart Failure, and the Extended Board of Directors of the German Association of Health Economics.

He is the Clinical Guideline Commissioner for the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF), Authorized Expert in the COVID-19 Prognosis Consortium and the Scientific Platform Screening- and Monitoring Programs for COVID-19 of AGES – Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety and GÖG advising the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection, Member of the Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation of the State Government Tyrol, Chair of the Horizontal Initiative in Causal Inference of the German Society for Epidemiology (DGEpi), Chair of the Working Group “Effectiveness and Side Effects of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions” of the Competence Network for Public Health for COVID-19, and Chair of the Working Groups ‘Health Economics’ and ‘Medical Decision Making’ of the German Society for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS). He is Co-Chair of the ISPOR-SMDM Modeling Good Research Practices Task Force, Co-Chair of the ‘Issues in Methodology Section’ of the SMDM Policy Initiative, a Leadership Member of the ISPOR Personalized/Precision Medicine Special Interest Group, and member of the SMDM COVID-19 Modeling Special Committee.

He has worked with several HTA Agencies (e.g., DAHTA@DIMDI/Germany, IQWiG/Germany, NICE/UK, ANVISA/Brazil, IATS/Brazil, CADTH/Canada, LBI-HTA/Austria, GÖG/Austria) and he advises public and government agencies, academic institutions and industry regarding the conduction of HTAs and their impact on policy and reimbursement decisions. He has authored more than 400 publications (> 20,000 citations, H index > 50) including HTA reports, textbook chapters, scientific articles, policy briefs and editorials, and is Editor of the European Journal of Epidemiology, Associate Editor of Public Health Reviews as well as editorial board member of several scientific journals.

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