Staff Profile

Shannon Swan received his bachelor's degree from Creighton University, obtained his medical training at the University of Nebraska, and did his residency in radiology at Indiana University Hospitals. Subsequently, he completed a fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Swan accepted a staff position at the University of Wisconsin after his clinical fellowship. During his early career, he performed many investigations related to magnetic resonance angiography development, and eventually became interested in health services research due to the health policy implications of less invasive technologies. Dr. Swan is a past winner of the General Electric-Association of University Radiologists Research Academic Fellowship (GERRAF) in technology assessment and outcomes research. He received his research fellowship training under Dennis Fryback while at Wisconsin, with an emphasis on modeling preference-based quality of life.

Dr. Swan accepted a position at Indiana University in 1999 to begin a health services research effort in the Department of Radiology. During that appointment he laid the methodologic foundations for most of his current work.

He joined the MGH Institute for Technology Assessment in the fall of 2003. His major current interest is in the psychometrics of health utility indexes using structural equation modeling and related techniques, in addition to more traditional scaling methods including multiattribute utility theory.

Dr. Swan has extensive prior experience as a Principal Investigator. His first R01 grant explored initial applications of MR angiography in peripheral arterial disease, using a novel time-resolved pulse sequence developed by medical physicists at the University of Wisconsin. Within that grant, Swan also began implementing an original variant on the holistic time trade-off method, the waiting trade-off (WTO), to measure the short-term quality of life effects of medical testing. His second R01 grant further explored his original work with collaborators on the WTO and was funded by the Agency for Health Research and Quality. He was funded by the American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant program to develop the Testing Morbidities Index (TMI). The TMI is designed to capture the morbidity of any diagnostic testing or screening experience, and can be scaled in multiple ways; it can be used as a summated profile, or as a utility index that can be weighted by the perspective of patients or members of the community. Dr. Swan's most recent prior funding came from an RFA from the American Cancer Society in Palliative Care. In this project he developed a quality of life index for lung cancer using Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT) items, the FACT-L Utility Index (FACT-LUI). He continues research on the psychometrics of the FACT-LUI. He is also part of the multidisciplinary team funded by Dr. Carrie Cunningham's R01 grant which studies optimal care of patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. Drs. Cunningham and Swan have recently been awarded an American Cancer Society Research Scholar grant, wherein they will develop a quality of life index for thyroid cancer.

Selected Publications

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