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Cancer drugs aren’t just really expensive; they’re a bad value

A recent study, lead by Jagpreet Chattwal, PhD, while he was a researcher at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, was mentioned in an August 27, 2015 Washington Post article. The article, "Cancer drugs aren't just really expensive; they're a bad value", was written by Carolyn Johnson. The publication cited was Are high drug prices for hematologic malignancies justified? A critical analysis - published in the journal Cancer.


Katy Lowry receives RSNA Research Resident Grant

Katy Lowry, MD has been awarded a RSNA Research Resident/Fellow Grant for 2015-2016. Dr. Lowry's research will be centered around "Optimizing Breast Cancer Surveillance in Women with a Personal History of Breast Cancer". Dr. Lowry started her affiliation with the ITA while in medical school.

The goal of this research is to optimize imaging surveillance in breast cancer survivors.  Dr. Lowry and colleagues will perform an observational study to better identify women at risk for development of second cancers not detected by surveillance mammography.  The results will provide inputs for a simulation model, which will be used to compare long-term patient outcomes of alternative surveillance regimens utilizing digital breast tomosynthesis and/or MRI.  The research will positively impact breast cancer survivors by informing the development of imaging surveillance guidelines tailored to patient-specific risks and preferences.  


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