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Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Paradoxically, CRC is a preventable cancer; long-dwelling pre-cancerous polyps can be detected during screening and excised. Screening has also been demonstrated to detect cancers at earlier stages, when survival rates are high and direct medical costs are low. However, CRC screening is still generally underutilized; current U.S. participation rates are below 50%. We are interested in the strengths and limitations of available screening tests, including their relative cost-effectiveness. Since health care resources are not infinite, cost-effective screening strategies need to be identified and promoted.

PCORT Seminars 2012-2013

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    9/4/2012 PCORT orientation  
Lubitz Carrie 9/11/2012 Cost-Effectiveness of Screening Resistant Hypertensive Patients for Primary Aldosteronism PCORT Fellow
Friedrich-Medina Paola 9/18/2012 Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries: Development of a Pediatric Cancer Resource-Level Index PCORT Fellow
Romanus Dorothy 9/25/2012 Estimating Breast Cancer-Related Costs PCORT Fellow
Miksad Rebecca 10/2/2012 How do tumors grow?: Modeling implications of tumor growth patterns and predictors MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
Shin Jennifer 10/9/2012 A Pilot Study of a Hospice Video Decision Aid in Patients with Metastatic Cancer PCORT Fellow
Tsai Thomas 10/16/2012 Hospital Quality and Variability in Surgical Readmission Rates Following High-Risk Operations PCORT Fellow
    10/23/2012 Fellows Only Session  
White Craig 10/30/2012 Does Health IT lead to better outcomes: A proposed research plan PCORT Fellow
    11/6/2012 Cancelled  
Gazelle Scott 11/13/2012 Grant Writing MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
Levy Doug 11/20/2012 Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Public Housing MGH Mognan Institute for Health Policy
Reed SJ 11/27/2012 The New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council: Putting Evidence into Practice MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
Vennok Alan 12/4/2012 After the Fact: Surveillance Once the Cancer Has Been Treated University of California, San Francisco
Smith Robert 12/11/2012 New American Cancer Society Process for Creating Trustworthy Cancer Screening Guidelines American Cancer Society
Hughes Kevin 12/18/2012 Medical Software designed to increase quality and productivity while decreasing workload: A novel concept in HIT MGH Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center
Holidays   12/25/2012 CANCELLED - Holidays  
Holidays   1/1/2013 CANCELLED - Holidays  
Hassett Michael 1/8/2013 Patterns of Disparities in Breast Cancer Care Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Hur Chin 1/15/2013 Barrett’s Esophagus and Esophageal Cancer: A Health Outcomes Perspective MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
Donelan Karen 1/22/2013 Introduction to Survey Methods MGH Mognan Institute for Health Policy
Cipriano Lauren 1/29/2013 Information Acquisition in Healthcare Policy Stanford University
Lee Grace 2/5/2013 Surveillance and Decision-Making: A perspective from vaccine safety Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute & Boston Children's Hospital
    2/12/2013 Cancelled  
    2/19/2013 Fellows Only Session  
Schonberg Mara 2/26/2013 To Screen or Not to Screen: Decision-Making around Breast Cancer Screening for Older Women Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Gazelle Scott 3/5/2013 Advanced Grant Writing MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
Pandharipande Pari 3/12/2013 How Radiation Exposure Histories Influence Physician Imaging Decisions: A Multicenter Radiologist Survey Study MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
McMahon Pamela 3/19/2013 Comparative Modeling of Lung Cancer Screening Programs: A Tale of Five Models MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
    3/26/2013 Cancelled  
    4/2/2013 Mock Study Section  
Lubitz Carrie 4/9/2013 Optimizing Treatment of Thyroid Cancer PCORT Fellow
Friedrich-Medina Paola 4/16/2013 Development of Pediatric Cancer Unit Performance Index: The First Steps PCORT Fellow
Romanus Dorothy 4/23/2013 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Clinical Biomarker Screening in Advanced NSCLC PCORT Fellow
CISNET presentations 4/30/2013 Pamela-Tailoring Lung Cancer Control Programs to Regional Populations Amy-Impact of Screening on Lung Cancer Mortality Rates 1975-2000: How much progress did we make compared to what was possible? Chin-Decision Aides in GERD and Barrett's Esophagus Management MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
hold 5/7/2013 Fellows Only Session  
Shin Jennifer 5/14/2013 Defining the Palliative Care Needs of Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer PCORT Fellow
Tsai Thomas 5/21/2013 Surgery: Implications for Hospital Quality, Patient Satisfaction, and Racial Disparities PCORT Fellow
White Craig 5/28/2013 Use of an IT Based Drug Interaction Visualization Tool Allowing Physicians to Improve Decision-Making Speed and Accuracy in Complex Patient Cases: A (very) Small Experiment Behavioral Interventions in Patient Screening: A Slightly Larger Experiment PCORT Fellow



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