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Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Paradoxically, CRC is a preventable cancer; long-dwelling pre-cancerous polyps can be detected during screening and excised. Screening has also been demonstrated to detect cancers at earlier stages, when survival rates are high and direct medical costs are low. However, CRC screening is still generally underutilized; current U.S. participation rates are below 50%. We are interested in the strengths and limitations of available screening tests, including their relative cost-effectiveness. Since health care resources are not infinite, cost-effective screening strategies need to be identified and promoted.

Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review provides independent evaluation of the clinical effectiveness and comparative value of health care interventions. ICER's mission is to lead innovation in comparative effectiveness research through methods that integrate considerations of clinical benefit and economic value.  Through a unique collaboration with patients, clinicians, manufacturers, insurers and other healthcare stakeholders, ICER develops tools to support patient decisions and medical policy that share the goal of achieving maximum value for every healthcare dollar.

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ITA 15 Year Anniversary Celebration



  Dr. Gazelle, Dr. McMahon and Dr. HalpernOn September 28, 2012, the Institute for Technology Assessment celebrated its 15th anniversary with a reception at the Paul S. Russell, MD, Museum of Medical History and Innovation.  Drs. Slavin, Thrall and Gazelle warmly addressed the attendees.  The Elkan Halpern ITA Career Achievement Award was presented to Pamela McMahon, PhD.  Dr. McMahon joined the group as a research assistant in 1998, trained as a fellow from 2002-2006, completed her PhD and joined as a faculty member in 2006.  She is currently an Associate Director of the ITA.  She was promoted to Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School in 2008 and currently serves as the Principal Investigator of the CISNET Lung Cancer Coordinating Center that is housed at the ITA.   


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