9/28/2010   Survival analysis   Elkan F. Halpern, PhD
10/5/2010   CEA Decision Rules in the Context of Political and Administrative Constraints   Nick Menzies
10/12/2010   Gastric Cancer in Korean and Japanese-Americans: Projected Effects of a Screening Program on Life Expectancy   Haejin In, MD, MBA
10/19/2010   The HIV-HEART model - Preliminary results   Julia Nolte, MBA
10/26/2010   Quality Indicators in Lung Cancer   Inga Lennes, MD
11/2/2010   Predictors and Probability of a Familial Polyposis Syndrome Among Individuals with Multiple Adenomas   Shilpa Grover, MD, MPH
11/9/2010   Quality of life in young adults following a cancer diagnosis   Shoshana Rosenberg, MPH
11/16/2010   How Medicare's Payment Cuts For Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs Changed Patterns Of Treatment   Joseph P. Newhouse, PhD
11/23/2010   Research and Development at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)   Marian Bihrle Johnson, MPH
11/30/2010   Accumulation of driver and passenger mutations during tumor progression   Ivana Bozic, MSc
12/7/2010   Policy Issues in the Medicare Part D Program   John Hsu, MD, MBA, MSCE
12/14/2010   ICER's Prostate Cancer Management Decision Aid   Sarah Emond, MPP
12/21/2010   Class, Race, Ethnicity and Information Seeking and Cancer Patients   Vish Viswanath, PhD
12/28/2010   CANCELLED DUE TO HOLIDAY   There is no speaker today.
1/4/2011   Neoadjuvant vs. up-front strategies for resectable pancreatic cancer:  a decision analysis model   Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH
1/11/2011   Outcomes Attributable to Palliative Care for Advanced Cancer Patients   Pamela McMahon, PhD and Jennifer Temel, MD
1/18/2011   Modeling a Lung Cancer Screening Program in Patients with COPD   Kate Lowry
1/25/2011   External Threats to Evidence Based Practice: Why Don't Physicians Screen for and Treat Depression?   Roy Poses, MD
2/1/2011   CANCELLED   N/A
2/8/2011   The Large-Scale Regularities of Societal Goods: Discovery, Innovation, and Prosocial Behavior   Samuel Arbesman, PhD
2/15/2011   Incorporating uncertainty into Bayesian interpretation of diagnostic testing   Matt Bianchi, MD, PhD
2/22/2011   Using non-randomized data to assess the comparative effectiveness of drugs used in-hospital   Jeremy Rassen, ScD
3/1/2011   Racial Differences in the Perception of Lung Cancer   Chris Lathan, MD, MS, MPH
3/8/2011   Childhood Cancer Survivorship: Late-effects and Tradeoffs   Jennifer Yeh, PhD
3/15/2011   Patient Beliefs about the Effectiveness of Treatment for Advanced Disease:  Results from CanCORS   Jane Weeks, MD
3/22/2011   Busting paradigms in ovarian cancer prevention and screening   Daniel Cramer, MD, ScD
4/5/2011   The Impact of Disclosure on Physician Interpretation of Scientific Abstracts: A Randomized Controlled Trial (A Work in Progress)   Susannah Rose, PhD
4/12/2011   Patient Heterogeneity and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis   Nick Menzies
4/19/2011   Longterm Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of HPV Testing in Cervical Cancer Screening   Uwe Siebert, MD, MPH, MSc, ScD
5/3/2011   Quality Outcomes in Lung Cancer   Inga Lennes, MD
5/10/2011   Comparative effectiveness study: Impact of duration of chemotherapy treatment on survival in colorectal cancer   Nadine Jackson, MD
5/17/2011   Variation in the Utilization of Reconstruction Following Mastectomy in Elderly Women   Haejin In, MD, MBA
5/24/2011   Childhood cancer survivorship: Issues and interventions   Shoshana Rosenberg
5/31/2011   Differences in Phenotypic Characteristics Between APC and MYH Mutation Carriers Among 1193 Individuals with Attenuated Polyposis   Shilpa Grover, MD, MPH
6/7/2011   Physician Commitment to Self-Regulation   Catherine M. DesRoches, PhD