Udo Hoffmann, MD

Chief, Cardiac Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital Udo Hoffmann
Professor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School
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Dr. Hoffmann is a radiologist with over 15 years of experience in noninvasive cardiovascular imaging. His past research interests related to a multidisciplinary research approach to systematically assess and validate the clinical utility of novel cardiovascular imaging technologies from bench to bedside. Over the last 15 years he has worked on the technical, analytical, clinical, epidemiological, and economic aspects of invasive and noninvasive imaging of atherosclerosis. One of the most daunting challenges has been to translate early technical progress in imaging into improvement of the clinical management of patients. The assessment and validation of biomarkers for clinical outcomes in cardiovascular imaging is still an important focus.
Dr. Hoffmann is a member of national initiatives, committees, and task forces for the RSNA, ACR, SCAI, AHA, and ACC, and serves as the director of several cardiovascular imaging courses. Dr Hoffmann, who has published >200 papers, reviews and book chapters, is Co-Chair of the Imaging Oversight Committee of the Framingham Heart Study, and an Associate Editor for Circulation Imaging and European Journal of Radiology. He is supported by a staff of 25 including MD radiologists/cardiologists, project managers, CT technologists, and IT staff/ programmers.


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