Janie Lee, MD, MS

Associate Professor, Radiology, University of Washington School of Medicine Janie Lee
Director, SCCA Breast Imaging, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Dr. Lee joined the University of Washington as an associate professor of radiology and as the clinical director of breast imaging at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in August 2013. She received a BA from Harvard University, an MD from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MS from the Harvard School of Public Health (Health Policy and Management). She completed diagnostic radiology residency training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and fellowship in both the DF/HCC Program in Cancer Outcomes Research Training and in Breast Imaging at MGH.

Dr. Lee’s  research is focused on improving breast cancer screening outcomes.  As new technologies for breast cancer screening emerge, Dr. Lee’s research objectives are to conduct studies which will facilitate the integration of these technologies into clinical practice, increasing health benefits and improving health-related quality of life. 

Currently, Dr. Lee’s  research efforts involve evaluating  the comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of MRI screening in women at increased genetic risk of breast cancer, and are supported by an NIH Career Development Award.  In the absence of definitive randomized trials to establish the effect of MRI screening on breast cancer mortality, Dr. Lee has developed a computer simulation model which integrates available data and surrogate endpoints to project long-term health and economic outcomes of various screening strategies using MRI and mammography.  The results of this project will provide additional data for developing standardized guidelines for the role of MRI in breast cancer screening.


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